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HACCP Training

TJH Consulting, LLC provides training courses and seminars on the following topics:

  • Basic Accredited HACCP (English and Spanish)

Topics covered include:

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)
  2. Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’s)
  3. Introduction to Microbiology
  4. Biological, Chemical, and Physical Hazards
  5. The Seven HACCP Principles
  6. Ways to Develop a HACCP Plan
  7. Implementation and Maintenance Strategies
  8. Regulatory Issue

This course meets the requirements of section 417.7 of the FSIS regulations.

  • Advanced HACCP

Topics covered include:

  1. HACCP Review
  2. Overview and Design of Prerequisite Programs
  3. Verification of Prerequisite Programs
  4. Validation of Food Safety Control Measures
  5. Verification of CCP’s
  6. HACCP System Verification
  7. Role of Microbiological Testing in Food Safety Systems
  8. HACCP Plan Assessments & Audits
  9. HACCP Plan/System Validation and Reassessment
  10. Regulatory requirements for Verification and Validation

  • HACCP verification for government food inspection agencies(English and Spanish)
    Topics covered include:
  1. SSOP/HACCP verification methodology which is used by USDA/FSIS to verify that the establishments have effectively implemented SSOP/HACCP.
  2. USDA regulations 416.17 and 417.8 pertaining to verification requirements.
  3. “The Performance Based Inspection System” (PBIS) and SSOP/HACCP verification procedures contained in FSIS Directive 5000.1.
  4. Workshops which require participants to develop all of the components of USDA’s SSOP/HACCP verification model; such as plant profiles, compliance checklists, procedure schedules, non-compliance records, etc.

Separate stand alone courses can be taught on the following topics:

  • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’s)
  • Sanitation Performance Standards (SPS’s)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)
  • Regulatory HACCP - Enforcement actions by FSIS (English and Spanish)

TJH Consulting, LLC trainers have provided HACCP training to industry representatives nationwide, as well as, industry and government officials in Mexico, Serbia and Montenegro, France and Columbia.

HACCP training instructors are accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.

All HACCP training courses and seminars are taught based on the products produced by the establishments attending the training session.

While at USDA, Thomas J. Hoffman, President, TJH Consulting, LLC, participated in SSOP/HACCP training for over 200 foreign officials at the USDA’s/FSIS Training Center located on the campus of Texas A&M University.